Saturday, March 20, 2010

Socializing Your 401-K…

As if the healthcare takeover isn’t enough for this administration, they have plans for everything from Cap & Trade (stop energy production) to Eminent Domain takeovers in our state (stop energy production), to the takeover of your 401-K account. That’s right, the hard earned money you have accumulated through sacrifice and hard work is the next target for this group. How else do you think they are going to fend off bankruptcy? The idea was floated back in 2008 but it is again under assault.

As you watch this administration bully through healthcare, they will use the same techniques to bully representatives to socialize your 401-K. What does “socializing” your 401-K mean? It means taking your private account that is in your name in a private fund and putting it in the Social Security “trust” fund. The key word is trust. There is no “Trust Fund” and you can’t trust the government to do the right thing with your money.

There are trillions of dollars in the market that is made up of your 401-K savings. Are you willing to give that money to the federal government? If you don’t vote for the right people in 2010 you may not have a choice.

As Governor I will fight for our constitutional rights and fight to limit the federal ability to socialize your 401-K. Is there any other candidate talking about this issue? Why not? Because too many polticians and state level legislators have given up the fight against our federal government. I believe the fight has only just begun…

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