Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Entitled to what?

I get angry every time I hear the word entitlement. I have to ask; how am I entitled to anything but my own labor? We have this unhealthy attitude in America that seems to be growing that just because we want it, we should get it. We have politicians feeding this selfish sentiment, and the funny thing is they call us selfish for wanting to keep the money we earn to raise our families. If you want to depend on a government program for your life and family, you will be limited to what a politician can take from others. I suggest you count on yourself. It is a better bet and it the way a moral society works. Teach a person to fish…

I know I am entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am entitled to speak my mind about my government. I am entitled to constitutional rights because I am an American citizen. But am I entitled to half of Bill Gate’s Microsoft fortune? If not, why not? What makes that different from any social program? What is the purpose of government? Is it to provide the means necessary for each of us to live? Or is it there to provide a set of rules to allow individuals to prosper. In America it was always the latter. We need to get back to taking care of ourselves and our neighbors without government programs. Look at what we have done for Haiti as an example. People are compassionate, government is soulless.

Government programs that were designed to help people through a hard time have become a means of subsistence and that is ruining our country and people. It is not compassionate to get people onto government programs, it is criminal. The American dream is an individual pursuit of excellence. The government has nothing that helps individuals achieve excellence. Government programs are the quick sand into a miserable life.

We are not entitled to other people’s labor unless the people paying agree to support the program as a social contract with their fellow citizen. The current administration and many before it have broken any contract we may have had by taking beyond the agreed upon terms. So now we have an angry citizenry and an entitled class of people dependent on politicians taking at will from the productive citizens. And the productive citizens are saying they are entitled to stop this madness. And believe me; the corporate welfare must end as well.

Today we have a government acting entitled to our money. When is enough, enough? When will we be entitled to keep our money so we can maintain our way of life? If others believe they are entitled to a better life I say; you are entitled to your opinion and opportunity; nothing more…

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