Friday, March 12, 2010

Social Justice?

What is social justice? What is economic justice? I know what criminal justice is; I think. But I hear these terms and my antenna goes up, especially when I look at the type of groups that are promoting it. They are definitely not the same groups promoting constitutional justice or individual justice.

The term seems so benign and that is what makes it so effective for the groups using the term. Social is simply society, and justice is something we all want, right? Wrong! The people and groups promoting social justice are the same people that believe in collectivism, communes, socialism, and what they really have in mind is the end of capitalism. Social justice is the antithesis of capitalism.

It is the belief that everyone deserves the same even if they have done nothing to earn it. It is the same people supporting the current administration in Washington, government healthcare, the takeover of private property by the government, environmentalists, many church groups, and too many people that don’t understand basic human nature. Social justice, economic justice, socialism, communism, fascism, all have a common goal to control your life and destroy individual freedom and property rights.

Think about a country where there was no right to private property. Think of a country where no matter how hard you worked you could only earn up to a government decided wage, and everything else was taken away to give to others. Think about a country where the government tells you what healthcare you must purchase, what car you can drive, how warm you can keep your home. Even if you believe that any of these things are commendable, who do you trust to decide these things? Therein lies the problem. There goes your freedom. There goes our constitution. There goes our country.

For some this may be attractive, in America we should know better. We have a few centuries of data and results that counter the social justice, economic justice arguments. We know that private property is the foundation of freedom. We know that taxation and redistribution kill’s incentive. We know that it is morally reprehensible to take from one person to give to another against their will. Most of us call that stealing. We know that competition creates efficiency and ingenuity which has fueled our ability to be compassionate and a beacon for the people shackled into socially justified nations.

So when you hear someone say social justice, ask them what they mean by that? You may find they are just ignorant of the implications of such policy. Or you may find a person with a devious motive to steal your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Don’t be fooled. There is nothing benign about social justice…

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