Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A question for those that plan to support the GOP candidates in 2010…

I became an unaffiliated candidate because like many of the tea party and 9/12 activists, I am frustrated with what seems to me to be a lack of common sense governance and the abandonment of principles of our elected officials. After more than 15 years in the GOP I became convinced that the party was more interested in elections, not the constitution. I had to ask myself; what is so hard to understand about the US Constitution, and not spending more than you make? Even under republican control, the federal government kept growing and I kept wondering; what is the GOP’s idea of limited constitutional government? I came to the conclusion they believe in big government, just not as big as the democrats. I don’t believe the Republican Party is the same as the Democratic Party, I only believe that they are not capable of fixing a system that works quite well for them. When the democrats screw up or go overboard as they are right now, they are there to “save” the day. But looking at where we continue to go, no matter which party controls power, is a direction further and further from our constitution and founding principles. They talk a great game and there are some very eloquent candidates but I look at results. And the results are clear which is why people are paying such close attention.

There are only two parties responsible for the mess we are in; the Democratic and Republican Parties. No other parties or candidates have even been given a chance. Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe this time instead of hoping for a different result we try someone not in the party. The principles seem simple but seem to have been forgotten by the parties.

Here are some easy to understand principles I believe in but the GOP seems to have forgotten:

• The United States federal government was created by the states to manage a few limited tasks that were better suited to be centralized like defense and foreign affairs, not the other way around. The federal government gets its authority from we the people as so eloquently stated in the Tenth Amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”, not the other way around.

• When we send representatives to Washington, just because one party has one more member than the other party, they should not control every agenda item to be debated in congress. The parties have created those rules, the parties can change them. The congress is supposed to be made up of American representatives not Republicans and Democrats fighting amongst themselves for power.

• Almost every state in the union has a provision in their constitution that requires a balanced budget every year. That is good fiscal policy. The states need to demand the same of the federal government or they will not support the federal government. The states can constitutionally stop their support of an out of control and unresponsive federal government. Just read and learn your constitution.

• Giving hard earned tax dollars to unions or big business is bad policy. If the GOP is a party of limited government, how come the government keeps growing leaps and bounds under their leadership?

What are the principles of government? To give special groups special favors because they vote? Take tax dollars from producers and give it to party supporters? Control people’s lives so they don’t have to make decisions? I know these are not our founding principles but they seem to be our current principles.

What is the goal of the GOP? We know the democrats want a cradle to grave government but I thought the GOP wanted limited government. But I have to ask; limited in what context? Compared to the democrats limited means they still want a huge bureaucracy running your life; it will be better because their people will be republican appointees. Does the GOP believe in our founding principles so clearly laid out in the constitution? Do we trust them?

I believe that big government destroys individual opportunity just like our founders believed. I believe that a return to the original intent of the constitution, although difficult, is what we must do, and every state governor must do everything in their constitutional powers to stop the federal government from destroying our children’s future. I believe that the Declaration of Independence is as valid today as it was when Thomas Jefferson penned it. I believe government today has become a business that is competing with the same industries it is supposed to serve. I believe we owe our children a future without the debt caused by our government’s selfish and greedy behavior. It is not a sacrifice to stop taking money from some to give to others; it is our moral and constitutional obligation.

The GOP is focused on winning the election in 2010. Why?

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