Saturday, March 13, 2010

Criminals are running this country…

Extortion, bribes, “rules” changes to usurp the constitution, and defamation of character is the Modus Operandi of our current congress. Every day we hear a new scheme being calculated or pursued to pass an illegal bill. That’s right it is an illegal bill. To make citizens of the United States buy something with the threat of force and imprisonment has taken us to the final step; taking back our government.

I have been arguing here that the only way to stop these criminals is to elect Governors across the country that will end this criminal activity. Return the power back to the people and the states through constitutional government. We are facing a mob in DC that is using criminal tactics to pass bills that have no constitutional standing. These politicians are rubbing our nose in their power, ignoring our clear direction to stop this madness, so I ask what are we to do?

Thomas Jefferson believed we would have to revolt and revise our government often. He knew that human nature was such that people like the ones in congress would always end up in charge. No matter how strong the system of checks and balances was, people would always work the system in their favor. He was a genius. But we don’t have the backbone to do what the founders of this nation were willing to do. But we also have more power than the founders had at the time of our founding revolution.

We have the tools to organize quickly, and we have seen the power of the grass roots movements like the Tea Party and 9/12 organizations. We have access to transportation, information, and have the ability to stop this if we can think like Americans and not leave this up to the politicians.

This congress is sticking an ice pick in our eye while invading our privacy, our property, and our economic prosperity. And while we get angry they continue on their march to take the hill. What are we going to do? When will we say enough is enough? When we will force the change necessary to end this threat we face from our own government. Will we wait until they have destroyed our healthcare? Will we wait until they destroy our financial health through bankruptcy? Will we wait until we are all standing in food lines for our next meals?

This election is not just another election where we can afford to put the same party, different name back in charge. We need to be bold and try a revolutionary idea like voting for the person and not the party. We need you to run. We need to stop playing the games that our political system has created to keep themselves in power. We need to wake up to the criminal activity we have going on all around us in the political world, and do what we need to do to rid us of this madness.

We need to be loud, consistent, and willing to go outside the boundaries in electing the next generation of politicians. We need to look beyond the current “family”. The late William F Buckley Jr, a brilliant conservative once said, “I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

I totally agree with his assessment but I would also add along with Harvard University the current politicians and political parties… Let’s take back the hill…

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