Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gun Rights are not different…

The second amendment is just as important and holds the same stature as the first through tenth amendments. I might even argue more so but they are all important. Listening to a representative this morning from the Brady organization on Fox News, he stated that the second amendment was different and needed to be treated so. He cited statistics like; people that live in households with guns are 5 times more likely to have a gun incident than families with no guns in the house, 3 times more likely to commit suicide by a gun than houses without a gun. All irrelevant to the argument of gun rights.

It is like saying people that drive a car to work are 5 times more likely to have a car accident than people that take the bus to work. Let’s take away the cars? It is irrelevant and takes the focus off the real issue. Guns are our last line of defense to an out of control government. It is the safety valve when the political class decides we the people are no longer going to tell them what to do.

The second amendment was and is as relevant today to keep our government in check as it was at our founding. As long as politicians are facing an armed citizenry they will continue to walk carefully around our rights. Once they have taken away our guns they will stomp on all other rights. Guns don’t kill freedom, politicians do.

The facts are clear; when a criminal has to decide to rob the household with the gun or the household without the gun; the choice is clear. Places that have a large number of households with guns are safer places to live. If NYC and Detroit, and LA had right to carry laws, the crime stats would plummet. Well maybe in the beginning there would be a lot more dead criminals laying at the door steps of armed law abiding citizens. But it wouldn’t be long before the criminals would move on to where the laws disarmed law abiding citizens. That’s a fact…

We will never give up our rights to guns. Go ahead; make our day!

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