Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why Republicans Have a Problem in 2010…

An excerpt from a great post at Town Hall by Armstrong Williams:

“This sounds to me like the same shenanigans Republicans pulled when they ran the show in Washington earlier this decade. I worry it signals they haven't learned their lesson: that good governing requires making hard choices and telling people "No" some of the time. And I also worry that Republicans actually buy into the idea that government spending, as long as it's done right, is good for the economy.”

This is one of the problems with being tied to a party. When the individual decisions are made by politicians the entire party is blamed. It works the other way as well. When the party takes a stand on an issue all individual party members are painted with the same brush.

Tonight in Colorado Springs two Republican candidates face off for the fight for their party’s nomination. They are two individuals that will govern differently if elected but they will be painted with the same brush by their opponents. They will also be expected by the party to tow the line when it comes to policy at the state house. We are a country that was built on individual liberty and spirit so why do any of these politicians need to belong to a party?

My question to the party supporters out there, who by the way are a minority of people eligible to vote; Why do we need a party candidate in the Governor’s seat? Why can’t a candidate with no affiliation execute that role effectively? My guess is the party supporters have no good answer for that question. The answers I have heard is party politicians have “experience”. Really? How has that “experience” been working for us as a country?

In the meantime we watch the political parties paint each other with broad brushes, make policy decisions to protect the party, and the citizens of Colorado and our country get shafted again with candidates that are shackled by party politics. I am confident the leadership I will provide will take into consideration one party; the individual citizen of Colorado.

It is time that we elect an individual not connected to the “power” players and the special interests that have given us the current mess we are in. We can do better. As suggested by Armstrong Williams; the Republicans will revert to the same old shenanigans once they have secured your vote. How do we know that? Just look at their records and our balance sheet…

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