Monday, March 1, 2010

Emergency, Temporary, Crisis, Government…

The headline reads “American reliance on government at all time high.” It scares me to death that people are looking to government for help, and I don’t think most Americans understand how dangerous and undermining this is to our future. Government has been the key player in most of the economic crisis we face today by using extortion practices on the private sector to lend money to anyone wanting money. The private financial institutions that went along with this financial scam put on by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the quasi governmental mortgage giant Freddie and Fannie are to blame as well, but it is not a free market crisis, it is the manipulation of the free market by government that caused the fundamental economic problem. Politicians trying to provide mortgages to their constituents that couldn’t pay, and mortgages without money down being underwritten by the government, are the cause of the housing meltdown. Politicians removed the risk of the private sector’s bad behavior by underwriting bad loans instead of allowing market forces to punish companies accordingly. That was not a free market crisis; it was government intervention that caused the crisis.

Government has a self interest in creating crisis that only the government can “fix”. Name one crisis government has ever fixed? Are the children in the public schools of every major city in this country passing and learning information needed to be successful? Or are they being fed and kept like animals in cages? Did Medicaid fix healthcare for the poor or create a bigger crisis in the private sector? Did Social Security fix poverty in retirement or create a dependency on government that threatens to bankrupt all Americans including the elderly? Did government fix the energy crisis or create greater dependence on foreign sources of oil and energy? Did government fix illegal immigration by closing the border or did they exacerbate the issue by rewarding illegal behavior through amnesty and sanctuary laws? I could go on and on.

And the real secret is the people in politics want you dependent on the government as well. If the government was limited to its constitutional role what would that do to the influence and power of private lobbyists, individual politicians, and the political parties that are dependent on government crisis? Follow the money and you will determine that government is the crisis we must fix. We fix it by reducing its size and scope to the limitations set forth in the constitution.

We keep electing and hiring people to manage our crisis that make their living and thrive on crisis, what is their incentive to end crisis? We need to hire people that want to end crisis, not perpetuate or profit from it. We need to elect people that want to eliminate crisis by limiting government. Only then will the crisis subside, the chaos return to calm, and the solution become permanent…

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